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Dragon Swap - A Quality Dragon Exchange
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an exchange for artists who enjoy drawing dragons
This community is run similar to the old dragon_xchange, except with changes to the acceptance system.

If you have any questions, comments, or whatever concerning the community, my email is artic_dragon1 @ (spam is bad!) yahoo.com


Maintainers: (if for some reason I am not available)

Owes Finished / Whole Piece
bleupencil, jirotakume, kakineko, the_wolyven, armaina, thedogisdead, dark_stardragon

Here's How It Works:
The maintainers (staff) make a "roll call" post, and then you, the artist, post the necessary information listed. Previously accepted artists, or members - those who made it into previous rounds - will then have a screened voting to accept new members or not, depending on the quality and effort shown in their gallery. We will then send you an e-mail telling you whether you have been accepted or not, based on the voting, and if you are accepted, you will receive the description for someone else's character if you signed up to participate, or just a congratulations on becoming a member.
Voting is not based on style or whether we like you or not - it has to do with your artistic standards. And don't worry - most artists will most likely get in. We simply want to make sure you adhere to our professionalism rule below in your regular work so everyone gets equal artistic quality for this exchange.

FAQ / Rules and Guidelines

Will members draw my character as anthropomorphic?
- Morphic dragons (anthro, half human, etc.) not allowed at this point in time. There is a lack of interest here to draw them, and until more people would like their character drawn morphically, this rule will remain unchanged.

What kind of art is accepted?
- We have some professionalism standards for this exchange. We require all pieces to have a strong understanding of some artistic basics: light, form, linework, color. No MS paint pieces, no photoedits, no using other people's work. You must have quality and consistancy in your artwork, and work for a higher artistic standard. All pieces must be of a finished level...pencil work is allowed if it is finished and polished. Ink work the same. Colored pieces are encouraged but not required. Visual art of any kind is allowed; digital or traditional media, sculpture, any medium that allows the artist to depict their artwork, but all results MUST be on a professional and refined level.

How long is each session?
- Each "session" is approximately a month and a week. Participating members have until the deadline set after emails have been sent to complete their work.

Okay, I finished my piece for somebody. Now what?
- Post your work whenever you finish it, hyperlinked or behind an lj-cut. No R-rated work is to be posted (this means no nudity, naughtybits, or sexual situations. The highest rating for these images is pg-13), and therefore all will be work-safe but for those with slower browsers it's polite!

Someone finished their piece for me! Now what?
- This should go without saying, but when art of your character is posted, comment! Artists love comments and feedback and response. If critique is discouraged however, we appreciate you refraining from doing so. But telling an artist how much you really like their work (or just parts of it!) is always welcome and loved!

What happens if I don't have my art in on time?
-If your work within two weeks of the posted deadline, you will be blacklisted. However, you will have another two weeks to get it finished, provided you have a good reason for being late. If the offense is repeated and you fail to be on time for three sessions, or you have failed to submit late artwork by the end of the extra month (without having a good reason for STILL not being finished), you will not be allowed to participate again. There will be no tolerance for artists who receive work from others and then disappear without submitting their own. Keeping me updated on your status is a MUST.

What happens when I finish my art but whoever has me doesn't finish theirs?
- When the person who had their character is two weeks late, no matter if they have notified the maintainer or not, those who did not get art will be put up for adoptions. The person who had their character to begin with is still expected to finish their piece before the end of the extra month, however.

All participants are expected to be familiar with and abide by the rules and guidelines in the userinfo of the community, and to check them periodically for any changes. Ignorance isn't an excuse. The first time is a warning, the second time you will be asked to leave the community. Please read the userinfo so that we can keep this community running smoothly.